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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
1200-TOUCH Portwell 1200-Touch - Small footprint 12" LCD with Touch PORTWELL Request Quote
LCD-POLE-MOUNTING VESA LCD monitor mounting pole PORTWELL Request Quote
Mini_Computer Portwell Mini Computer - Intel LV Pentium M or ULV Celeron M Processor based ECX SBC System PORTWELL Request Quote
OPC-Operator Computer Desktop with up to 13 USB ports and teaming features PORTWELL Request Quote
PPC-1240T Portwell PPC-1240T - 12.1" Industrial Open-frame panel PC based on Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.6GHz with Elo 5-wire Touch PORTWELL Request Quote
PPC-1540T Portwell PPC-1540T - 15" Industrial Grade Panel PC base on Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.6GHz with Elo 5-wire Touchsreen PORTWELL Request Quote
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